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Fuels offered
Our offer includes the  JET A-1 fuel of the  highest quality for the performance of sales contracts concluded under the Public Procurement Act. We provide refuelling services for all types of aircraft, both turboprop and those with jet engines, as well as for units with piston engines with spark ignition. We provide:
  • professional technical and operational service
  • ad-hoc refuelling of aircraft
  • individual deliveries on request
Airports JET A-1
Aviation fuel
Aviation gasoline
WARSZAWA OKĘCIE WAW available available
WARSZAWA BABICE WA1 available available
no available​ 
POZNAŃ ŁAWICA POZ available available
GDAŃSK RĘBIECHOWO GDN available available
SZCZECIN GOLENIÓW SZZ​ available​ ​available
KATOWICE PYRZOWICE KTW available available
BYDGOSZCZ SZWEDEROWO BZG available available
ŁÓDŹ LUBLINEK LCJ available available
​WARSZAWA MODLIN WMI available available
Please be informed that from February 12th, 2018 new internal regulations concerning JET A-1 uplifts to the tanker trucks were introduced:
  • KTW; KRK; WMI – only into-plane uplifts.
  • WAW – into-plane uplifts; uplifts to the tanker trucks excluding the petrol cans, canisters, barrels, mauzer-type containers, etc.
  • BZG, GDN, LCJ, POZ, SZZ, WA1, – into-plane uplifts; uplifts to the tanker trucks and other containers which meet the fuel’s storage standards.

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