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HSSE Policy
ORLEN Aviation Sp. z o.o. takes special and particular care about environmental protection as well as security and safety in all areas of the Company’s business activity. All possible measures have been implemented in order to minimize the overall environmental impact and to provide all employees with comfortable and safe working conditions through the implementation of HSSE rules.
Key issues of HSSE Policy are implemented by way of:
  • Prevention of incidents: we provide safe working conditions, prevent the occurrence of incidents and aim at their complete elimination at the workplace through the implementation of technological and organizational solutions that reduce the risk of danger down to absolute minimum as well as through result analysis.
  • Active prevention of environmental harm: we plan and implement work processes taking into account environmental protection, reduction of generated waste, and sewage, and their emission to the environment.
  • Risk management: we identify threats and estimate operational risks.
  • Emergency preparedness: we implement  and maintain internal regulations aimed at minimizing emergency situations.
  • Monitoring subcontractors: we carefully select our subcontractors, provide training to them in respect of the principles in force in our Company, monitor the work process rendered by them and  conduct suppliers’ evaluation.
  • Development of safe workplace awareness: we encourage our employees to report any occurring threats, which are then  identified, registered and eliminated.
  • Development of Organizational culture: we encourage our employees to routine behaviour that prevents incidents through the  implementation of open information policy as regards possible hazards, security and safety measures applied to the employees, subcontractors and business partners.
  • Ensuring compliance of actions with legally binding requirements: we respect laws, regulations, standards and best sector practice.
  • Systematic trainings and self-development process: we constantly raise awareness among our employees as regards  safety and security, raise their competence through trainings,  as well as review and update, where necessary, the operating procedures and tools.
  • Communication: we clearly  communicate our involvement in safety and security matters, responsibility and achieved results to our personnel and business partners.
  • Management of change: we evaluate the impact of the change introduced to security and safety. If the introduced change is essential for safety and security, relevant steps are undertaken to minimize its negative impact.
  • Reviewing safety management systems on regular basis: we analyse conclusions that result from reported cases, identified threats, implemented changes, legal requirements and working environment.
The Management Board of ORLEN Aviation Sp. z o.o.  is accountable for all aspects of HSSE within the Company. The President of the Management  Board is responsible for implementation and stewardship of this policy. Each employee has a responsibility to promote the Company’s objectives in accordance with the policy set down.

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